How It Works?

  • When you join the site the first step is to fill out a profile that contains information about you, your religious background, your lifestyle, interests, etc. You will also be asked to provide references and to fill out the criteria you are looking for in a match.
  • You will then be contacted by our skilled matchmakers so they can get to know you better over the phone and by email.
  • Your matchmaker is the one who searches for matches on your behalf. Members do not have access to the member database to search on their own. Once your matchmaker selects the profile of a potential match, you will then get access to that member’s profile to review. In turn, your profile will only be shown to a member once a matchmaker suggests the match.
  • After reviewing the profile sent to you, the next step is to “accept” or “decline” the potential match through the system. Any responses and feedback about a match are kept confidential, so that only you and the matchmakers have access to the information. Please make sure to either accept or decline the match in a timely manner. Members have a maximum of 10 days to respond to a match suggestion.
  • When two members accept a match, our system will forward the contact information so the singles can schedule a conversation and then arrange to meet. The male member should reach out to the woman within three days of receiving her contact information.
  • Matchmakers love to be kept informed regarding the status of a match. Members can easily update the status of the relationship in the system (i.e. “spoke on phone”, “went on first date”, “dating exclusively”, “engaged”). When a member is dating someone exclusively, they should change their status to “Dating”.
  • Our matchmakers are always available to help. They will continue suggesting matches, following up with members and assisting (when asked) during the dating process. The members get to decide who they would like to accept a date with and how much input and follow-up they would like from the matchmaker during the entire process.

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